NextGen is a company that focuses on creating high-quality products that provide ideal customer satisfaction. Our products are a level above the rest in their category because we combine most current technology with the best materials available. That being said, we have the awards and testimonials to prove it! At NextGen, we strive to provide our customers with excellent service that ensures satisfaction every step of the way. Just check out what real people are saying about us:

“I put your remote control extender in my WD live box and in less than 15 minutes I had it working everywhere in the house. The remote control works like the box was in the room. Super Slick! I’m too cheap to ever have the coolest stuff, but this time I was able to get something really impressive without spending much money at all. Thanks!”


“I appreciate the wonderful customer service I received from NextGen. This is truly an amazing product.”


“Just wanted to let you know, I tried the unit you sent and it works beautifully! I can now even control it from the basement. I have disconnected the Uverse box in the bedroom, connected that TV to a splitter from the living room, and everything is synchronized once again! Your product is the best! I missed it tremendously! I intend to purchase a multiple emitter and a couple more transmitters to control my receiver and extra Uverse remote.”


“I’ve been using this device for over 3 years. I use it to control 2 DirecTV DVR’s that are in my living room with the signal distributed throughout the house. I have a 4,200 square foot home and it works perfectly from any room in the house.”


“I don’t know how I lived without this techno-wonder. I can control all of my inside gear from outside the house to listen to music on my outdoor speakers. Changing channels and adjusting volume with equipment housed 40 ft. away inside the house (while inside a piece of furniture) can all be accomplished with this simple device. The inventor deserves a Nobel!”

-J. Johns

“I just received my remote control extender and I am very happy with how easy it was to set up and how well it works. I had previously purchased two other extenders, the X10 and Radio Shack’s extender, and had to return both because they just did not work.”


“Just installed my second NextGen remote extender. I live in a single family house and use one on the second floor (master bedroom to control the FiOS box located out of sight) and one in the basement (also to control an out of site FiOS box). These things rock! I have never had an issue with the first unit (had it for a year), and the quality is great right down to the second battery/charger space.”


“Thank you so much. I can’t believe the absolutely second to none customer service. I’m very grateful for that.”


“I just wanted to pass on how happy I am with the customer service you and Next Generation Home Products provided. I received the modified receiver and hooked it up for use on my AT&T box. WOW! It works incredibly well now. I have it set up in my basement, and the remote works on my main level as well as my second floor.”


“I have received the replacement remote extender. THANK YOU so much for all of your help. My wife and I are extremely happy to switch the channels from anywhere in the house again. You guys are the best! Best wishes from Canada!”


“Thanks again for your help. Your excellent customer service is an example for all businesses to follow.”


“Out of the box and installed in mere minutes, and now working as advertised! This is my second device in my home (433MHz and 418MHz) and you cannot go wrong with the Remote Extender. Thank you for creating this quality product.”


“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service. As the owner of an audio-visual rental and sales company, I want to thank the man who answered the phone and the woman who handled shipping out my replacement for their first-class approach to doing ethical business. I will not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone who can use them. Again, thank you for your great attitude and professionalism.”


“I wanted to follow up and let you know that we received the replacement and are thrilled with the unit. Thank you again for your help and outstanding customer service. We appreciated very much all you did for us.”


“I just wanted to let you know that I received the 418 kit and it works great with my AT&T system. I would also like to thank you for the excellent customer service. In a time when everything seems to be about the almighty dollar and not so much about customer service your company really took me by surprise. I tell everyone I can about your product and the outstanding service I received.”


“We received the product and are using it. It’s fabulous! We have a new LCD HD hanging on our living room wall and because of this product, no ugly cable box because it’s tucked away UPSTAIRS in our home office!! Everything worked exactly as it was supposed to and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We wish you great success with this product!”

-Joyce & Dave

“Wow! The remote extender is absolutely fabulous! I stumbled upon it after a Google search led me to a review on Audioholics. Just had my plasma mounted in my bedroom today and my installer was just as excited as I was to tryout the remote extender. He and I were both very impressed. Hours later, I’m still walking around my apartment channel surfing (Scientific Atlanta cable box 8300 HD-DVR concealed neatly under my bed) from the kitchen and living room for no good reason other than I can!”


“I just want to say that your IR extender is without a doubt the best remote extender that I have ever seen …and I have tried them all. There is just no extender that WORKS as perfectly as this device. I had to change to the lower frequency unit due to interference from a neighbor’s house but am now completely satisfied with your product and your excellent customer service. I am a very happy Next Generation customer!”


“This is the perfect product. I am using the cable TV remote through three walls and a floor (about 70 feet). I can now watch three TVs through one Scientific Atlanta DVR (after changing the setting to A). I have my upstairs office, my bedroom, and the downstairs family room TVs all connected to and controlled by a single Scientific Atlanta DVR cable box. Now I can watch my recorded shows from any TV in the house.”


“Just tried it and I am amazed. This is one of the best AV products to ever come along. You really need to get this thing into the big box stores -it will fly off the shelf. Awesome product!”


“The remote extender is simply amazing. The range is better than I could have hoped -more than 100 feet and rock solid. The remotes work perfectly and response is fast. Thank you for a great product.”


“Thank you. I really appreciate your professional courtesy. It’s nice to know there are some companies out there that actually stand by their products. You are a rare breed!”


“Thank you for manufacturing a quality product and being loyal to your customers by providing support and responsibility for my purchase. I sincerely appreciate your kindness and will recommend your products to others. Thanks!”


“Thanks so much for your quick response with customer service. I used to like you guys, now I love you!”


“I have an Onkyo 700 series Dolby 7.1 receiver, a Scientific Atlanta explorer Hi>-Def DVR, and a Sony DVD player. I also have the NextGen remote control extender, an extra transmitter, and a 3-eye emitter. This works fantastic through my closet door in my home theater. There is absolutely no lag time, and completely simple installation. Revolutionary product in my view. I am talking about it all the time! Keep up the good work!”


“I use a Sony RM-AV2100 integrated remote commander that I already programed. Your remote extender worked right out of the box and has a much faster response time than a Radio Shack IR wireless repeater. Yours is a truly fantastic product. Keep up the good work.”


“It is very pleasing to be aware of a company that stands behind its products and provides exceptional service to its customers. Thanks again!”


“I appreciate all your help and customer service. It is something rare in this day and it’s another thing that gives your product a competitive advantage.”


“I thought that I would share the fantastic experience that I have had with your Wireless RF Remote Control Extender product. I wanted to shove my TiVo and satellite receiver into a cabinet so that I didn’t have to look at the ugly boxes. When I received the extender I was astounded that it only took 5 minutes to setup and it worked like an absolute charm. No programming required and it worked perfectly. What an absolutely beautiful product.”


“I just wanted to send a thank you for your quick attention. You guys have a great product and evidently a great staff as well!”


“This thing rocks! I can have all of my components in a closet and have no wires showing anywhere. This really made it happen! I would definitely recommend this product 110%. Easy setup too! Thanks!”


“Happy customer. I have to thank you for my new remote extender. It works perfectly! It’s great! Do you sell just the transmitter for use with multiple remotes? Thanks.”


“I am totally hooked on your Remote Extender and commend you guys on a great product.”


“This is a fantastic product –just what I needed to control my cable box and components stored in a remote cabinet. Excellent.”


“I am writing to says thanks for a great product. The maximum distance I am using them at is about 60 ft. (through two walls) and they have worked perfectly, noticeably better than the pyramids. I have just ordered two more transmitters and I wanted to say thanks for a product that lived up to my hopes.”


“I setup the unit last night and it works perfectly. Thanks again for all your help and we will continue to tell our friends and family what a great product this is!”


“Your remote extender does in fact work with the Comcast 3-in-1 remote. It works great! I have the Comcast box in my closet and my flat panel mounted on the wall, and your product has allowed me to shut the door on the closet.”


“I want to tell you how much I appreciate your product. It works fantastically! With just my universal remote from my satellite, I can control all of my video equipment from the bedroom of our fifth wheel trailer. It is really convenient for my wife and I. Thanks for an affordable product that does what it says it will do and does it well!”


“Kudos to you people for coming up with a great product! I currently use four RF battery transmitters for my complex key remotes so I can, with ease, change the devices from anywhere in our house. What makes it all possible is that I can operate equipment without the problem of worrying if the remote is aimed in the right direction for the IR unit to be seen.”


“Love your remote extender, I have two transmitters in use now and am purchasing an additional 3 transmitters to add to other remotes!”


“Thank you guys for the prompt and accommodating response. It is a relief to find a company that stands behind its products and customer service.”


“Thank you for your quick and friendly response. I want NextGen to know how very satisfied I am with your RF Remote Extender Kit. I am using one RF transmitter in my TiVo and also one in my DSS remote -which now works in my bedroom as well as in my living room. It is a great product!”


“I needed to send the IR remote signal around the side of the couch facing the TV. The components are not next to the TV but across the room. All of the other devices on the market generate feedback and this feedback shuts down functionality. For applications such as mine, your unit is simply the only reliable solution.”


“These RF remote extenders really are amazing! I bought one for my office a couple months ago, and liked it so much I bought another for my home!”


“Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! I had my doubts about how well it would work, given that the other brand remote extender I tried was completely useless! I was able to install your remote extender in about 2 minutes! It worked amazingly, I didn’t even have to move it around or make any adjustments. I am so excited about how well it works! The remote has full functionality even when I point it in the opposite direction of the sensor! Very cool! Now, no more ugly cable boxes and wires to look at and no more curious fingers (our 2 boys) messing up the settings!”


“I have been trying to get other remote control extenders to work in our house for over four years. Our house has expanded metal lath in the walls and it is hard to get a signal to pass through them. Your extender was up and running in less than five minutes! I’m crying tears of joy! Thank you!”