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"Very seldom to I catch myself uttering the word "GENIUS" silently to myself as I'm reviewing a piece of equipment... With this system you can walk anywhere in the house and use the remote, not just relocate to a different room where you have to carefully take aim at a remove IR receiver. This system is light years ahead of the others on the market... This transmitter works better than advertised and is quite possible one of the coolest things you can do to spice up your system's usability. We highly recommend this product to anyone wanted to free themselves from the constraints of an IR-based system."

-Clint DeBoer, Audioholics, September 2007

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"Using the extender made it so the remote did not have to stay pointed at the equipment rack to work... It's a pretty elegant workaround at that. Even the detail of what to do when the rechargeable 2/3-AAA battery in your remote dies has been covered: two are included with the set, and the base station has a charger that you can leave one in, so you'll always have a charged one ready."

-Steven Kim, Endgadget, February 2008

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"The NextGen Remote Control Extender converts infrared remote control signals to radio frequency signals (RF) extending their range throughout the house, even through doors and walls. It even works on components concealed behind the doors of a cabinet or an entertainment center. This is the simplest and lease expensive solution to a common problem."

-Gary Altunian,, May 2009

"There are few products out there that can control your home electronics from anywhere in your home from as far as 100 feet away. I was even able to catch a signal in the basement of my apartment, which was impressive. With one press of the button I was able to get both the TV and Blu-Ray player working perfectly. The NextGen Remote Extender would be a fabulous addition to anyone's home theater set-up."

-Stephen Krasowski, E-Gear, June 2009

"For years, I tried to teach my family that you can't point the remote control at the TV in front of the room and expect it to operate the rest of the components sitting in the back of the room. For under $60, NextGen's Remote Extender uses a small transmitter placed in the battery compartment of your remote. It sends RF commands wirelessly to a separate unit that emits the IR signals"

-Darryl Wilkinson, Home Theater, June 2009

"The NextGen Remote Extender is indeed a great little solution for homes where an integrated control system isn't in the budget or in a guest room that's off the grid"

_Jeremy Glowacki, Residential Systems, June 2009

"I love products that solve irritating problems simply and inexpensively. If you're looking for an easy way to solve line-of-sight issues in your home theater control system, NextGen's Remote Extender is an excellent fix for an annoying problem. With many RF-based control systems costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars, NextGen has created a simple and elegant solution for the rest of us. Bravo!"

Chris Eberle, Secrets of Home Theater, July 2009

"The NextGen Remote Control Extender is an inexpensive way to turn your infrared remote signal into a longer-range audio frequency signal. It is $55 well spent."

Arlen Schweiger, Electronic House, August 2009

"An affordable product to make your installs easier. NextGen's Remote Extender solves those control issues when something prevents the line-of-site communication between the remote and system."

-Robert Archer, CEPro, August 2009

"Forget flowers, books, iTunes gift cards - nothing says "I love you" like a remote- control extender, especially one that can convert infrared (IR) signals to radio frequency (RF) ones. Unlike the clunky, flying saucer-shaped remote-control extenders of the past, NextGen's version uses a combination rechargeable battery/RF transmitter that you load in your remote's battery compartment, along with an RF receiver that beams commands to your gear or relays them via a single-eye IR emitter cable.", December, 2009

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"NextGen's Remote Extender Genius is a great upgrade to their original Remote Control RF Extender and a very simple way to take your IR remote control system to new levels. At this stage of the game, it's my opinion that no one should have to deal with the hassles of IR - there are simply too many options. If you have a remote or remotes that you already enjoy, there is no reason not to consider upgrading to RF."

-Clint DeBoer, Audioholics, August 2010