About NextGen Product Solutions

NextGen is dedicated to providing unique and innovative product solutions that are manufactured with the latest technology and highest-quality materials available. When compared to other manufacturers on the market, you will find that our prices and product quality cannot be beaten. We take pride in providing our customers with quality products that help solve some of the most basic technology issues.

Founded in 2002, NextGen is an innovative provider of unique HDMI and audio/video products that provide solutions for everyday technology issues in both residential and light commercial applications. We are perhaps best known for our award-winning Remote Extenders, which allow you to easily convert an existing infrared remote into a remote with radio frequency capabilities. Our Remote Extender devices increase the range of a standard infrared remote by up to 100 feet or more, and allow the signal to penetrate walls, floors, windows and doors. You can even tuck away your bulky cable box and still have full access to control it with your remote. Products like the remote extender and others have given NextGen multiple awards and above-all, total customer satisfaction.

Feel free to browse our store for Remote Extenders and NextGen Product Accessories, or view Product Testimonials from may of our satisfied customers.